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Designed and built to protect you and those you love

The Praan HIVE actively eliminates harmful particulate matter, VOCs and microbes from your indoor air, creating a healthy, WHO compliant environment for you and your loved ones.

Effective Against

Clean air, always.

HIVE constantly measures the usage of your filters and suggests when they need to be replaced. With at home service (in select geographies) you can always trust that your air will be clean. HIVE allows you to pre-clean the environment even before you get there!

Becomes a part of your world!

Praan’s HIVE can be installed horizontally or vertically on your ceiling, wall, or can be kept on the floor.

Always Connected.

HIVE data and control is always at your fingertips. Connected to your devices via WiFi or Cellular!

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Always looking out for all of you, not just your air

Unlike other air purifier’s, HIVE’s intelligent systems monitor all the environmental factors that affect our well being- Particulate Matter, Carbon Dioxide, VOCs, Temperature, Humidity, and even Ambient Sound, all while silently letting you know what to do when the factors aren’t conducive to your health! It’s your true friend!

Built to last!

Praan uses Aircraft Grade Aluminum in the construction of the HIVE ensuring all-weather endurance, reliability and long lifespan.

HIVE Essentials

HIVE Floor Stand, Filter Changes, AMC and more...


HIVE  for Work

The impact of a domestic air purifier at the scale of an HVAC- unlike even before. With HIVE  at work, you can ensure wide scale air quality and environmental sensing, clubbed with enterprise reporting and software!

Designed & Crafted in India

Praan is proud to design, engineer and manufacture the HIVE  in Mumbai, India with over 93% of all raw materials sourced locally.

Truly Net - Zero

Praan actively monitors the CO2 emitted through the use of the raw material, manufacturing processes, and logistics of the HIVE and offsets it through afforestation projects it has direct oversight on.